What is so Special about the English Pub? The great English pub or inn is an important English institution. Renowned the world over, the great English pub is not only a place to enjoy a pint or something stronger it is also an important social centre, the focus of community life in villages, towns and

We can design specialised themed tours for all age groups both young and old. Our tours follow in the footsteps of well known people, places and events both real and imaginary. Whatever tour you choose your Blue Badge Guide will be there to give you all the interesting facts and share their in- depth knowledge.

A Look Beyond Covid-19 It’s 1st December 2020 and I’m looking beyond ‘Covid’ to summer 2021 when hopefully England will be able to open up again to international tourism and we can welcome some of you on one of our tours. I wanted to tell you about us and our tours of Cumbria, The Cotswolds

Cumbrians, lucky Cumbrians. Who are these people who inhabit the most stunning part of the United Kingdom? Originally, they were the Vikings, Norsemen, who came and pillaged, raped, took over the lands and settled there. Followed closely by the Roman legionnaires who stayed for several hundred years. Those majestic hills echoed to the songs of

Being brought up on the industrial west coast in the 40/50/60s we were not able to partake of what we now refer to as Fine Dining in Cumbria, it didn’t exist then. Most restaurants, in those days, were to be found in some of the hotels. A number of pubs also made valiant efforts to

When anyone mentions Cumbria to me they always bring up the subject of walking. If ever a county in the United Kingdom was created for walkers then this is the one. As a young man I lived for the weekends when I could get up early, fill a flask of tea, make some sandwiches, pack

Why My Magical Mystical Cumbria? Let me explain. It is mainly because I was born and raised there, not in the stunning centre of the county but amongst the steel mills and coal mines that dominated the coastal towns. Many times as a young man waiting for the bus to take me to my deep