Homes, Gardens and Golf Tours Cumbria. This holiday suggestion is aimed at those of you who love to holiday together but have different interests. Our Homes, Gardens and Golf Tours enable one or more of you to enjoy the beautiful homes and gardens that Cumbria has in abundance while your partner or friends plays golf.

The Magic Of Travel We have put together a few concepts, holiday ideas, for you to look at and we will be adding more ideas soon. The first is all about Cumbria and The Lakes, The Cumbrian Experience. If you have a few days to spend in this beautiful part of England then think about

Multi Centre Tour Idea There is so much that links London, The Cotswolds and Cumbria in their combined historical culture and heritage, equally they are very different places to visit. Geographically, Cumbria, in the very north east of England shares a border with Scotland. The Cotswolds, often called ‘ the heart of England ‘ are

Here’s an idea! “Cumbria is a celebration of living culture that incorporates the past but is rooted in the present”. If you have the time to spend 4 nights or so  in this beautiful part of England then some if not all of these holiday tour suggestions are for you. You will have plenty of